Season 2 TV Episodes



Episode 1

In the Main Story, The Revolutionary United Front (RUF), a rebel group in Sierra Leone, amputated David Anyaele hands in January 1999 during one of his business trip to Freetown, Serra Leone.
Meet Ebong Essienkan in the Revisit Segment, watch how Airtel Nigeria helped him turn his disability into an advantage for him and for others he is helping.

Stanley Okereke

Episode 2

In the Main Story, Stanley Okereke was dismissed from his work as a driver some years ago when he discovered his hands were shaking. This condition degenerated into Partial Stroke and his life has not remained the same ever since.
In the revisit segment, watch as Airtel Nigeria helped the Guildance Community Development Foundation touch the lives of the people of Akinbami Community in Iwo, Osun State.

Adesida Gbenga

Episode 3

In the Main Story, Adesida Gbenga, blind from birth, was denied the joy of parental love and his parents abandoned him. In his physical disability he found strength and ability by playing the piano. He struggled against all odds to qualify as a music teacher.
In the revisit segment, watch as Airtel Nigeria helped the Galilee Foundation touch the lives of the people and especially street children in the communities they operate.

Andrew Enakrakpor

Episode 4

Hannah and Moses, in the Main Story, are both confronted with life-threatening heart problems, and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Enakrakpor, lack the financial capacity to bankroll the surgery for the kids. Watch how Airtel Nigeria comes to their rescue.
In the revisit segment, watch as Airtel Nigeria helped Abdulrazak Salisu bring his family back together after the tragic building collapse that took away their father and two of his wives.


Episode 5

Joseph Ogwuche survived a motor accident that killed his entire family in 2001. He spent 5 months in hospital and lost his job as a result. Since then he has had a difficult time to support himself and is a seasonal manual laborer on farms (maize & cassava) in Makurdi.
In the revisit segment, Tanko Gajere, a native of Kasuman Magari in Kaduna State became the breadwinner of the family after his brother died in an accident. Watch how Airtel Nigeria helped turn their lives around.

Onye Julia

Episode 6

Onye Julia discovered her husband and father to her three children was unfaithful and he then vanished into thin air without a word when she was pregnant with their fourth child. Her children are now 2, 6, 7 & 9 years old and are all facing hard time trying to survive.
In the revisit segment, Folusho Pamilerin, crippled after a motorcycle accident in December of 2002, remained an asset to her family and community. The father of her child left her but she refused to give up.

Remi Abere

Episode 7

Remi Abere and others will climb the frightful mount Kilimanjaro for close to 7 days, to raise funds for women and children in various camps for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) all over Nigeria.
In the revisit segment, Jude Munaonye alongside his blind wife, is helping people living with HIV rediscover themselves after he himself had suffered neglect and rejection from his friends and family. Watch how Airtel Nigeria came to their rescue.

Isah Unubi

Episode 8

Joshua Isah Unubi nominated the Abuja School for the Handicapped, Kuje, Abuja. The school since its establishment has helped many disabled children startup their lives. However, resources to run the school effectively remain inadequate.
In the revisit segment, Akinwale Adesina runs a computer training school where he offers free computer training for children and whomever is willing to learn. Watch as Airtel Nigeria touched his vision.

Miracle Nwoka

Episode 9

Precious lost his dad when he was 5 years old. He fell sick and became deaf and dumb when he was 8. In December 2014 he was involved in a car accident and now one of his eyes is blind.
In the revisit segment, Treasure Egwuatu developed Cerebral Palsy shortly after her birth due to lack of oxygen.
She has not lived a normal life since then. Watch as Airtel Nigeria helped improve her situation and her family’s.

Ibikunle Family

Episode 10

The Ibikunle Family suffered the loss of a promising young girl, Sarah, to stray bullets from the FCMB Lekki armed robbery incident on 12th March, 2015, and their lives have never remained the same.
In the revisit segment, Watch as Airtel Nigeria help provided support for an entire community where access to basic needs of life was extremely difficult.

Benson Aguiyi

Episode 11

Benson Aguiyi’s rented business premises was destroyed and his commercial motorcycle popularly known as ‘okada’ was collected from him by the Lagos State task force, he developed diabetes that affected his health and his ability to work and feed his family.
In the revisit segment, Watch as Airtel Nigeria help provided support or the pupils of the New Oko Oba Primary School for the physically challenged.

Silas Ekong

Episode 12

After 13 years of a successful working career, Ekong Silas is yet to receive his retirement benefits and cannot support his wife who is down with stroke. His son, Emmanuel, had to quit his studies to create time to care for his parents.
In the revisit segment, watch as Airtel Nigeria help provides succor to Mercy Nbiabia and her adopted son, both of whom have had to face a lot of hardships and rejected by family members.

Season 2 Finale

Season 2 Finale

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