Season 3 Road Trip – Episode 6: Overcoming Medical Adversity



Main Story: Taiwo HIV Orphan

For young orphan Taiwo Simbiat (9) life with her Grandmother in Ikare-Akoko, Ondo State is hard. Taiwo is HIV positive and without immediate intervention, her future looks bleak.

Taiwo was 6 years old when she lost both her parent. Together with her older brother they were left in the care of their 80-year-old grandmother. Taiwo’s HIV positive status put a lot of strain on her grandmother who had to ensure that she took her medication every day, and visit the clinic for her check-ups timeously.

Taiwo’s condition worsened as her grandmother was unable to keep up with these responsibilities and was also unable to provide food for them to eat. Being immune-compromised Taiwo eventually developed a Sarcoma on her head because of the lack of nutrition and medication.
In 2014 the St Joavics project recognized the needs of Taiwo and her grandmother and endeavored to assist them with medication, food, and education.

Taiwo has been taken from severe sickness to a place of relative health with the foundation. However, they are no longer able to assist Taiwo and her grandmother as they have to focus their attention on the needs of other more vulnerable children. The concern of the foundation is that Taiwo’s grandmother is getting old. Coupled with the fact that the grandmother cannot afford to pay for her education or even provide one meal a day, they are in dire straits and in desperate need of help.

Without any help Taiwo’s future is bleak and she may not live to be a teenager.


Revisit: Hole in the Heart (Season 2)



In season 2 we met Hannah Enakrakpor, a 6-year-old girl whose heart condition was preventing her from leading a normal life. We revisit her 9 months after her life changing operation.

The Enakrakpor family have a history of heart problems. Hannah, the first child and only daughter is the worst afflicted. She was diagnosed with congenital heart defects in 2011 at the Jos University Teaching Hospital, Plateau State.

As a result of her condition she was having difficulty living a normal life like other children her age. Hannah suffered from fatigue and could not walk for long, or do much else without putting a strain on her heart and endangering her life. She had to adhere to strict rules that only partially helped to stabilize her condition.