Airtel raises awareness on cerebral palsy in ‘Touching Lives’ episode 9

In fulfilment of promises made via its needs-based initiative, Airtel Nigeria has shone a light of hope on Lagos-based single mother Banire Omolabake whose daughter, Pearce, struggles with cerebral palsy, a debilitating movement disorder.

Banire, a final year student, is resolute in her drive to ensure quality care and rehabilitation for Pearce while not losing sight of her own goals to be educated and empowered.

This 9th episode of the third season of Touching Lives, airing on terrestrial and satellite television networks across Africa recently, raises the standard for more understanding of the condition and the challenges faced by the undaunted care providers; while also bringing attention to the need for adequately funded facilities that can provide the much-needed rehabilitation for the children and training support for their care-givers.

Speaking on the general beliefs of Nigerians about the condition, the Airtel CSR team notes that, “Many of us have come to believe that only biomedical interventions and doctors’ prescriptions can ‘fix’ a myriad of medical problems. In this case however, all of that coupled with love and care in as little as a kind word can go a long way in giving the needed support to our brothers and sisters tasked with the care of these children and the children themselves.

Omolabake’s grit was an inspiration to us all at Airtel and this moved us to provide her with a drop of relief in her pursuit of utopia for herself and her daughter, Pearce”.

According to the Airtel CSR team, there are four ‘F’s’ to providing this much-needed care that does not make inordinate demands on our time and resources – function, family, friends and fun.

“We approached intervention in this instance by considering Pearce’s need for activity that will help her learn to do things in her own way and then develop functional skills in those activities that are suited to her and not measured by the societal standards of normal.

“Omolabake has gone above and beyond her youth to create an enabling environment for Pearce. An investment in her will further empower her to be a stimulating entity for the rehabilitation of Pearce.

The center that will provide the day care for Pearce will fill her requirement for friends and stimulating fun that will speed up her adaptation process”.

According to Airtel, after the coming episode, Omolabake and Pearce will have the long overdue relief that will ease their burden and give them reason to smile again.

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  1. I have an authism boy of 18 years old, I wish he could be nominated for airtel touching lives thanks

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