Airtel Touching Lives Season 3 Episode 12 – Single Mothers

Mrs Augustine is a widower and mother of 3 from Abuja. She has put the needs of her children before hers. She has also endured 18 years of public humiliation and embarrassment.

Mrs Augustine is 50 years old. Her Husband died in 1999 leaving her with 3 children; 2 boys and a girl. During the birth of her eldest son she developed a vaginal prolapse which is an embarrassing condition resulting in the loss of control of her bladder.

Despite her condition and humiliation, Mrs Augustine works as a part-time junior school teacher, earning less than ₦8000 per month. With what little income she receives she pays her rent and buys food.

Mrs Augustine is unable to send her children to university and give herself the medical treatment she requires so that she can live with dignity.


Revisit: Julia Onye (Season 2)

Witness a truly amazing transformation. 1 year ago Julia Onye was in a dire situation. A single mother of 4 with little means to provide for her family, thanks to Airtel her life has since turned 180 degrees.

Julia discovered that her husband and father to her three children was unfaithful and he then vanished into thin air without a word when she was pregnant with their fourth child. Her children are now 2, 6, 7 & 9 years old.

She ran a liquid soap and toilet wash business but since becoming an only parent her business has suffered and had to close down, leaving her without funds to buy more raw materials or look after the family. The family was evicted from their home and currently stay with a friend who is also under financial strain and now wants them to leave. This has had a negative psychological effect on her and the children.

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