Airtel Touching Lives Season 3 Episode 2 – S03E02 – Rising from Abuse

Destiny Adejo, from Lokoja in Kogi state, is a survivor.  She was sexually molested as a young girl and was later physically abused by her husband.  She decided to use her experience to help others who have suffered the same abuse.  3 years ago she opened an NGO called Child Rights Brigade.  This sanctuary for abused and molested children has so far helped 10 destitute kids.

One of Destiny’s success stories is Esther Aniagwu.  Esther was destitute when Destiny found her begging at a market.  Through physiological counselling and vocational training at the NGO, Esther has since graduated from high school and is making money working part-time as a barber.

Destiny’s NGO is funded by her soap and shampoo business.  With limited resources and cash flow, she is living month to month, never certain if she can support the vulnerable children she is looking after.


Revisit: Orphan Samuel Ufot (Season 1)

In season 1 we met 13-year-old orphan Samuel Isaac Ufot. Together with his 2 older sisters, Jessica and Happiness, they were living in a very small one room rented apartment. The sisters monthly part time salaries when combined, were not enough to meet their needs. Samuel is a bright young scholar with enormous potential but his situation has been preventing him from achieving his dream of becoming a Naval Officer
Since Airtel touched the lives of this family, Samuel’s older sisters have transformed their lives by opening a hairdressing business. The money they make is enough to provide for Samuel, and fulfill his dream of one day becoming a Naval Officer.

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