Airtel Touching Lives Season 3 Episode 4 – S03E04

Main Story: Injured Dad

In 2007 Adenkunle Oladimejo had it all. A promising career at an airline, two healthy children, a loving wife and a family home. Life was good. Until a car accident severed his spinal cord leaving him paralyzed.

Olamide lost the use of his legs when he was involved in a car accident in 2007. It was the day after his best friends wedding. The newly married couple together with himself, the best man, and a bride’s maid swerved to avoid a pothole. The car flipped and hit a power pylon. He was the only injured member of the party. He was in a coma for 1 month and had classic amnesia when he woke up. His recovery took over a year to learn to talk and regain mental awareness. He does have sensation in his legs and has not given up hope to walk again. They have not had the financial ability to do therapy and explore operative remedies.

Their current financial situation is dire. Obenga (wife) has been providing for the family selling underwear and other clothes. The market she trades from has recently been closed and her only option is to find a new space. However, the rental at a nearby market is prohibitively expensive.

Adenkunle and Obenga have been married for 12 years. Their 2 children David (12) is in GS2, and Top (10) is in basic 6. Their future rests with their mother’s ability to make money. It takes a brave man to remain positive, and an even braver wife to support the family.


Revisit: Remi Abere Climbs Kilimanjaro (Season 2)

It is estimated that there are over 3.3 million internally displaced people in Nigeria, of which 70% are woman & children. Last season Airtel Touching Lives added their support to the cause. Remi Abere is an inspirational woman who was championing the awareness of these people – by summiting Africa’s highest peak.

Using climbing as a metaphor for overcoming adversity, her idea was to create awareness with her summit attempt. In early February 2016, together with 4 friends, they reached their goal. The top of Africa.

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