Airtel Touching Lives Season 3 Episode 7 – S03E07 – Polio Awareness

When Kayode Kukoyi was 1 years old he contracted the polio myelitis virus which attacked his nervous system leading to irreversible paralysis. Now a grown man, husband and father of 3, he is struggling to make ends meet as a Keke Napep Driver
Kayode has been married for 12 years. Together with his wife Mabel they have 3 children. Moses (11), Ezekiel (9) and newly born Emmanuel. Mabel has been the main bread winner in the family, but since the new arrival of the baby, she has been unable to work as a petty trader.

Kayode has had to begin working as a keke napep driver to pay the bills. With a daily earning potential of ₦2000 he barely makes enough to cover the rent, school fees and food bill. As a ‘disabled’ person the work is physically demanding, and the strain on his body is severe.

Discrimination towards people with disability has affected their earning potential, and in many cases, has left them destitute. Despite having a background in computers, he has never been able to find permanent employment in main stream jobs. The stigma towards people with disabilities results in most doors being closed. He believes he can serve his family better if he could have assistance setting up a provisions store.

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