Airtel Touching Lives Season 3 Episode 9 – S03E09 – Cerebral Palsy Mother

Despite Cerebral Palsy being a fairly wide spread condition there is still a lot of mystery surrounding it. What causes it? Is it contagious? Is there a cure? In this episode we will try to answer all the questions relating to this neurological condition.

We meet Pearce and single Mother Banire Omolabake. Pearce was born with cerebral palsy 5 years ago. Omolabake is facing an uphill battle. Completing her university degree and looking after her daughter.

Omolabake is a 24-year-old single mom. She has little contact with the father of her child, except through the grandmother who baby sits from time to time.

Her only real support system is her Aunt with whom she lives. Her biological mother died when she was a young girl. Through perseverance, Omolabake has tried her best to complete her university degree. The complications of raising a special needs child and attending lectures has become a daily struggle. She lacks the funds to place Pearce in a special day care facility, and as a result, her education and future is in jeopardy.

Omolabake has a dilemma. She needs to dedicate herself to her final year so she can be an income earner and provide for herself and her daughter. In order for this to happen Pearce needs to be in a day care facility and receive comprehensive therapy and schooling.

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