Road Trip Episode 10

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New Oko-Oba Primary School

New Oko-Oba Primary School have been rejected and most people will not to accept them. They are always seen as burden but we recognize their unique gifts and talents as valuable assets. The school is a government mixed primary school and poorly funded. It presently has 77 children with various ‘special needs’ in its ‘inclusive units’ that are under the watchful eye of the Chamagne Foundation.

Tanko Gajere

Tanko Gajere, a native of Kasuman Magariin Kajuru LGA of Kaduna is a subsistence farmer of cash crops. Hosea and Isuwa, his brother’s sons became his responsibility after his brother’s death. The hit-and-run motorbike accident of August 30, 2013 along Kaduna Kacha road, to Hosea and Isuwa, brought pain and grief that is yet to heal, and a large burden to the Gajere’s family.