Airtel Touching Lives Season 3 Episode 5 – S03E05 – Cancer Awareness


According to the WHO, the sad reality of Cancer in Nigeria is that of the 100 000 diagnosed cases every year, almost 70% will not survive. That is a frightening statistic that could be reduced with early detection, awareness and treatment.

Pillar Egona is one such person whose family reacted to her cancer diagnosis in time and came out survivors.

Mr Abraham Egona nominated his 9-year-old daughter Oghenekume “Pillar” Egona. Pillar was diagnosed with cancer of the left leg in August 2014. The spread of the malignant tumor was rapid and in the December of 2014 the family were left with no choice but to amputate her leg from the hip down. The operation and chemotherapy treatment was done over a period of 5 months in Mumbai, India at a cost of ₦18 000 000. Through fundraising and donations, they saved their daughter. Miraculously she has been clear of cancer for 16 months.

This life saving operation has financially crippled the family as they are now beginning their savings from scratch. Abraham Egona is a security contractor and his wife Mojisola, is a stay at home mom, looking after Pillar and their 4 other children.

As part of her operation Pillar received a temporary prosthetic limb, but she has since outgrown it. Pillar’s parents want her to be happy during these formative years. As a young adolescent girl she is very shy and in order to ease her transition back into main stream school she needs a new prosthetic to be seen as “normal” by her class mates.

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